Baptism at KUIB

The baptism celebrations that meet every demand!

The secret of a wonderful event consists of the quality of people and the services they provide. The first moments of your little ones should make no exception and this is why we invite you to enjoy a stylish backdrop for the perfect baptism celebration.

Have you thought of quality and simplicity, and classic, yet modern ambience with a creative twist? If these are your main characteristics for a remarkable happening, everything and then some can be found at KUIB: where time is not measured in hours, but in moments spent with loved ones.

When you want to have Bucegi Mountains and the crisp mountain air overseeing your event, the Park becomes the ideal space for outdoor ceremonies. Nearly 1000 square meters at your disposal to enjoy the quiet neighborhood of bohemian artists from the interwar period.

At KUIB Restaurant you have all the space you need!

You can organize happenings with a classic and traditional twist, both indoor and outside in the Park, encircled by the fresh forest.

KUIB has in mind yours and your family`s health and therefore the indoor is designed for non-smokers and children have a secure arrangement for participating in different events. Our terrace is open for those who smoke and we have warm heated blankets for cool evenings.

Your child first celebration should be one of a kind!

Want to get creative? Here you have the opportunity to leave your mark on every detail and select a custom menu. Out Chef takes notes and makes proposals, including Swedish buffet, and afterwards you can taste the assortment.

In our customized packages we include open bar with alcoholic drinks or candy-bar offers for those who appreciate and want to taste the unique flavor of homemade goodies. Also, the location arrangement is agreed with the client, consistent with the chosen menu.

KUIB Restaurant is here to ensure your will have the wedding you always dreamed of! We are flexible and collaborate very well with other event firms.

Bonus: The baptism offer includes a free apartment or a room in our Complex that night.

Contact us at and celebrate your little miracle!